All the Money in the World... Nope!

In today's Dirty Laundry Report, know your worth! -LBF

FYI ladies, it's .80 to the man's $1 OR for Michelle Williams $80 a day/about $1000 total to Mark Wahlberg's 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS for the All the Money in the World re-shoot! They have the same agency representing them... What happened here?

The Boston Globe on Twitter

@TyBurr: It's more than shameful that Michelle Williams was paid less than 1 percent of what Mark Wahlberg made for reshooting "All the Money in the World." It's business as usual.

Lesson for today: You are only worth as much as you negotiate! Ladies, it's NOT enough to just be invited. And, NEVER work with Mark Wahlberg. Ha ha... kidding (kind of).