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Nine Grammys. More than ten million albums sold. Named one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time by Rolling Stone, and her album Blue was named the greatest album ever made by a female artist.And, perhaps most importantly, moving Emma Thompson to weep in Love Actually.

Barney Hoskyns’ masterful collection, JONI: The Anthology (October 3, 2017; Picador Hardcover), is a captivating compilation of writings on Joni Mitchell that charts every major moment of the famed troubadour’s extraordinary career, as it happened.

From album reviews to candid conversations, JONI collects the most incisive commentary of the icon’s singular journey as a singer, songwriter, and artist, including carefully curated album reviews, critical appraisal, and luminous interviews spanning her career between 1967 and 2007, as well as thoughtful commentary on her early years, including:

  • Rare reviews of Joni’s early albums and performances in publications like Rolling Stone, Guardian, and The New York Times.
  • A previously unpublished conversation with JONI editor Barney Hoskyns.
  • A variety of interviews with Joni over the span of her multi-faceted career.

Hoskyns, the cofounder and editorial director of the online rock-journalism library Rock’s Backpages and author of several books, boasts nearly 40 years as a music writer and rock historian, having chronicled the lives of music greats like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. Readers could not have a better guide into the world of Joni Mitchell “Once I crossed the border, I began to write and my voice changed. I no longer was imitative of the folk style. My voice was then my real voice and with a slight folk influence, but from the first album it was no longer folk music. It was just a girl with a guitar that made it look that way.” –Joni Mitchell, 1994


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