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If you are looking to drive sales and increase your business, WROR can help.

Please contact our Director of Sales, Tina Murley for more information!

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  • Anchored by The ROR Morning Show with Bob Bronson, LBF, & Brian, 105.7 WROR reaches more than 1 million listeners per week and delivers advertisers an unmatched audience of affluent consumers who are at the peak of the earning and spending power.
  • WROR is home to Boston’s Greatest Hits. WROR is Boston’s dominant music radio station playing all of your favorites from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s including Bruce Springsteen, U2, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi and more.

Why Target the WROR Consumer:

  • WROR listeners are suburban families with children in their household. They are at the height of their earning and spending power. They spend money on themselves, their children and often their parents.
  • 51% Male – 49% Female
  • 75% are Homeowners
  • 41% Have a college degree or more
  • 42% Have household incomes a $100K or more
  • More than 70% are employed full or part time
  • More than 41% have at least one child under 18 in their household

WROR Capabilities:

WROR has a full team of marketing professionals including audio and video production, web design and an experienced sales staff with expertise across a wide range of industries. Let us create a customized marketing program to drive your business.

  • Personality Endorsements and Live Reads: Drive your business with the best “Live Reads” in the business. Loren & Wally have helped many companies drive sales and increase business. If you are looking to connect with consumers in Boston, Loren & Wally is the place!
  • Experiential Marketing: From The Head of the Charles to The Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival, WROR can provide access to some of the biggest and most well known events in the city. Our team of experiential marketing specialists can work with you to create full scale programs that not only feature on-site visibility but bring your campaign to live with in-store signage, on-air activation and integrated digital support
  • Mobile Marketing: Are you looking to sample a new product in the Boston area? Would you like to connect your business with local communities? WROR’s mobile marketing specialists can help you with both. Ask about our affordable turnkey options for mobile marketing.

WROR helps hundreds of businesses across numerous industries:

Home Improvement – If you are a home improvement company looking to general leads and drive sales WROR can help.  In the past 12 months more than 152,000 WROR listeners have spent at least $5,000 on Home Improvement projects.

Healthcare- At WROR we have the experience and knowledge to help you make your practice stand out in one of the most competitive healthcare markets in the country. From the largest hospitals to individual medical offices, we can tailor a program that works for you.

Consumer Package Goods- If you are looking to drive sales or increase trial of a new product, WROR’s team of CPG experts can help. Whether you are looking to sample your products to a specific demographic, or drive sales at a leading retailer.

Banking and Financial Services: From mortgages, to retirement planning and college savings, WROR listeners are in the market for a wide range of financial products. Let’s us help you connect with your target consumers.

Retail- Looking to increase traffic to your retail location, WROR can help your business no matter the size and number of locations. From on-air advertising reaching that reaches more than 1million people to digital campaigns targeting specific zip codes surrounding your location we can build a campaign that is right for you.

For all advertising inquires please call our Director of Sales, Tina Murley for more information!

Phone – 617-822-9600
Email –

You’ll hear back from us to discuss ideas and solutions within 24 hours.