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17 Boston Area Bookstores Where You Can Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day

Happy Independent Bookstore Day!  April 29th is the 10th anniversary of the celebration of independent bookstores. It's a day to visit and support these special parts of our community. What exactly is an independent book store? From TCK Publishing: "An independent bookstore (also known as an indie bookstore or bookseller) is a bookstore that is independently owned, and not part of a larger chain retailer (such as Barnes & Noble)." Why shop indie? I speak from my many trips to independent bookstores when I say, the experience is so much more personal and special. When you become a repeat customer, you get to know the store owner. You get to talk about your passion for books, and you get the very best personal recommendations. It's the best. Indie bookstores also serve as a great place for community. More money stays in the community. There are events that support local authors. Some have local book clubs, meet & greets, and more. How to support your local independent bookstore First, use Indie Bookstore Finder to find the ones closest to you. Buy online from your local bookstore's website, or on Bookshop where you choose your favorite bookstore who will receive the full profit from your Bookshop purchases. Also, I use for audiobooks. Again, you pick which store you want the sale to go to and purchase and download your book. I personally LOVE indie bookstores, and I hope you do to. During a time of ridiculous book-banning, these indie bookstores could use your support. Here's a list of bookstores in the Boston area, and what some of them are doing to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day!

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