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Who Knew Bears Could Play The Piano, Too? - Hank

If you've ever been to Clark's Trading Post in the White Mountains in Lincoln, NH, you know that bears can do all kinds of tricks, swing on swings and eat vanilla ice cream cones. Did you know bears┬áhave a musical side to their personalities? Click on the story below to watch one particular bear in…

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How Do You Prep for The BIG GAME?

We want to help you get ready for The BIG GAME starting NOW! In other words, plan your menu today and GO to the market before you are parking on a mound of grass, the blue cheese dressing is sold out and you're turning your carriage sideways to fit in line!

VIDEO: Baby Robins Full Of Feathers And Want To Eat! - Hank

My incredible spring of bird watching continues! Every step has been fascinating, from the building of the nest, the laying of the eggs, to the hatching, to the development and now the rapid growth. Amazing! My boys - Larry, Mark and Big - are almost ready to fly!!! #FEEDME Uploaded by HanksBigAdventure on 2016-05-16.