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Fall Guide Back To School

Ewwww. Your Kids’ Backpacks are Grosser than Gross

Hi parents! Ready for the kids to go back to school? Anticipating the moment they don those new backpacks and head out the door? And seeing them run back in at the end of the and plop those same backpacks on the kitchen table? Well, stop right there. Because kids' backpacks are nasty and we have the science to prove it. EWWWWW. According to Clorox -  and they KNOW GERMS, people - kids' backpacks are 31 times germier than the average cell phone. And the average cell phone is an ecological nightmare of the nastiest things on earth. Trust us. That's not even the WORST NEWS. The clothes kids wore to school were 28 times germier than the average toilet seat! Everything needs a Silkwood Shower, STAT. Anyway, have an excellent year kids! And we leave you now with the 80s solution to germy backpacks. Who needs a backpack when you have a TRAPPER KEEPER? (Also, it's that Lori Loughlin - Before Jail?) Meanwhile, check out my gallery of back to school photos. I think I have my own Trapper Keeper in one! [select-gallery gallery_id="239909" syndication_name="back-school-cautionary-fashion-tale-lbf" description="yes"]