Boston Bruins

Celine Dion’s Epic Night at the Boston Bruins Game

Celebrity sightings at Boston Bruins games at TD Garden aren't all that uncommon. The B's have some pretty big A-list fans. But few embrace the energy like Celine Dion did last night. The Bruins ended up losing to the New York Rangers. But the good news is the Florida Panthers lost too so the B's are still in first place with a 3 point cushion as of this morning. Check out this footage below of some epic moments last night as Celine made her way around TD Garden. Celine Dion visits the Bruins locker room Celine Dion's night started off with a surprise appearance in the Bruins locker room. She delivered the lineups with her two sons. Before she revealed the lines, she sarcastically thanked one Bruins player for "getting ready for me tonight." The player apparently wasn't expecting the Celine visit and hadn't fully gotten dressed yet. As Celine strutted around the Bruins locker room, she burst into song before giving David Pastrňák his assignment, saying "You make me hungry, Pasta!" [embed][/embed] Celine maintained the energy throughout the night. When the TD Garden jumbotron cameras spotted her in the 2nd period, she blew kisses to the fans and broke out in dance. She had that reaction of being on the big screen like this was her big moment of fame. [embed][/embed] Celine Dion's Air Guitar Moment But perhaps the most memorable moment of the night was when cameras caught Celine Dion rockin' out to Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer." Not only did Celine bust out Jon Bon Jovi's lyrics note for note. She even dug out her air guitar for a solo. Who knew Celine Dion could shred like that? [embed][/embed] [select-gallery gallery_id="613943" syndication_name="skating-on-fenway-park-ice-with-boston-bruins-legends" description="yes"]