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An Aussie woman rents bed, while she’s still in it? Well not exactly.¬†Have you heard of the new way to make ends meet? What is Hot Bedding?

Hey, many can use a little extra money these days. Everything costs MORE. Gas, food, school supplies, are all costing much, much more. Did you hear about my $15 dollar lemonade at the Woodstock Fair?

So with the rising cost of everything, how can you make more money? Well how is this for a side hustle? Hot Bedding. A woman in Australia is making $600 a month, renting out her bed, to strangers. Ok, what’s wrong with that? Well, she is still in it. Yes, the renter is in the same bed, same time! Weird? Let’s ask her.

Hot Bedding Is A Thing

According to an Australian news outlet, Hot Bedding, is a thing. This Aussie woman found that her ex needed a place to rent. SHE needed extra money. Hot Bedding, was born. They have opposite schedules, so technically, they are never sleeping in the same bed at the same time. Here’s what she is saying:

It does not necessarily mean that individuals sleep together, that is, at the same time – it can mean that people use the beds at different times, thereby sleeping alone.¬†What does she mean not necessarily? So, does that mean there’s a chance that your renter may wake up next to you? Is there an UP CHARGE for that?

Monique Jeremiah borrowed the name from her work place that uses Hot Desking, for those that share workspaces on the job.

While I may not agree, I can understand why I am reading Aussie woman rents bed. Everyone was affected when Covid-19 hit. Monique lost her business. So to make ends meet, she had to think outside the bed, I mean the box.

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