Pieces of crushed ice cubes on white background

Are you picky about the ice cubes in your drinks? It may just be frozen water but there are several kinds of ice. From crushed ice, shaved ice, to nugget ice and sphere ice. According to Howards, seven different types of ice exist. You can probably find your favorite kind of ice at a fast-food chain.

Daily Meal recently ranked 11 fast food places on the best ice cubes. Sonic is number one on the list with the “perfect” ice. Chick-fil-a took the number two spot for having ice that doesn’t water down your beverage.

Second to last on the list happens to be McDonald’s. Daily Meal said that this fast-food chain “has some of the most boring ice cubes possible.” Their explanation mentioned how the shape and texture of the ice is forgettable. McDonald’s has rectangular chunks of ice that some ice chewers find difficult to crunch on. “A bit too big for me,” Redditor BurnTheWorldPlz explained in a post about the brand’s ice. “I’d prefer it if it was a bit smaller and if the ice cubes weren’t all stuck to each other. Would make life much easier lol.”

It was surprising to see Pizza Hut making the list at number 5. It could be due to the nostalgia of its ice. Their cubes are rounded with holes in the center. On Escapist Magazine, a person reflected on the different ice cubes they enjoyed in their childhood at different fast-food places. Among those listed, they mentioned that Pizza Hut had some of the “most fun” ice cubes.

The list also factored in on whether you can purchase the ice for your home fridge. Places like Sonic and Chick-Fil-A offer bags of their popular ice ranging from three to ten pound bags at select stores.

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