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Well, America DOES run on Dunkin. Dunkin’s NEW Breakfast Taco comes JUST IN TIME! Why?

They took away our Dunkacinno. 

America Really Does

America really does run on Dunkin’. Are you like me? I actually get mad at DD’s on a holiday.  After leaving a family event, I crave a DD’s for the long drive home and I CAN”T FIND ONE OPEN! WHAT? Well of course, hard working DD’s workers like Ben Affleck deserve a day off.

Breakfast Is Here

Starting this week, Dunkin’ HEATS UP breakfast:

Get ready to taco ‘bout a delicious new breakfast at Dunkin’! Starting March 22, there’s a new way to run on Dunkin’ this spring as the brand debuts its first-ever Breakfast Tacos, available beginning today.

Dunkin’s Breakfast Tacos arrive just in time to keep guests fueled at the first sign of spring. Starting with a warm flour tortilla, the satisfying and flavorful tacos are made with scrambled eggs, melted sharp white cheddar cheese, fire-roasted corn, and a drizzle of tangy lime crema for a refreshing finish. The tacos can be ordered with or without crispy crumbled bacon topping for an additional flavor boost.

Now, I’m hungry. Dunkin’s NEW Breakfast Taco is my next stop!

I may have to say goodbye to my go to: Sweet Pepper Bacon Croissant. Wait, is it only for breakfast? Hey DD’s, you said goodbye to the Dunkacinno. Please don’t say goodbye to ANYTHING ELSE!

Especially that guy that reads the news in 7000 Dunkin locations. He’s not bad.