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Gwendoline Christie, Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Christina Ricci attend the world premiere of Netflix's "Wednesday" on November 16, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)

If you hear my show weekdays on 1057 WROR,  then you KNOW I’m an expert on creepy, kooky fun. Trust me, Netflix Wednesday is creepy, kooky fun.

Addams Family Is Back!

Seems like this creepy kooky family can’t be stopped! This third generation of the Addams Family stars Jenna Ortega as the brilliant, but dark and twisted daughter, 15 year old, Wednesday Addams. 

Tim Burton’s Episode One starts with Mom, Morticia played by Catherine Zeta Jones and Dad, Gomez, played by Luiz Guzman, dropping off their little dark angel at boarding school. It’s Morticia’s alma mater Nevermore Academy, a school that takes on the outcast, children of the world. You know, a werewolf, vampire, siren. Are you a normie or an outcast? Well, in Wednesday, we soon find out who is bad, and who isn’t.

Campy Fun, Great Story

Wednesday captures everything a great…wait, is it a thriller? Yes, at times it can be a little creepy. Is it a comedy? Yes, it’s hysterical. Is it a drama? Well, it has a great story where we root for the underdogs. In short, this series has everything. The kids have a Stranger Things charm and the special effects are as good. Add to that, Ortega plays the dismissive Wednesday, character, perfectly. Amongst her peers, her level of one-upsman-ship is funny to watch. She is one step ahead of everyone. Her quick witted snobbery is actually attractive. Because Wednesday darkness is so interesting and different, she is curiously liked, maybe loved by many. She is annoyed by everyone, but somehow, everyone roots for her.  But in the end, we may see WHY she is oddly, loved.

Star Studded Cast

Game Of Thrones fans will immediately recognize Gwendoline Christie as Principal Weems. Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen is hysterical as Uncle Fester. A fun surprise is Christina Ricci who plays a mysterious normie teacher named Marilyn Thornhill. Fans are delighted that Ricci, who played the original Wednesday character in the 1993 Addams Family Values, is back.

Throwback: THING, Is Back

The extra fun in Wednesday is how the modern series really honors the original 1964 TV show, by bringing back the campy humor and almost silly, overdone gore, of the original TV family. One of the biggest breakout stars of the series is, A HAND. Yes, Wednesday’s ally, Thing, is back. I’m a decent writer, but I can’t explain what Thing…is. But I’ll try. Thing, is a severed hand, that is alive, and is as loyal as your most intelligent dog. We all could use an extra, hand.

Watch Thing released in New York City, below!!

Watch out Friday, Netflix “Wednesday,” creepy kooky fun is about to be the best new day of the week!


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