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Baby Brothers Breaking the Rules

There’s nothing like two baby brothers breaking the rules to make your Monday.

And if you have a sibling – or, as I like to call her or him, a partner in crime – you’ll appreciate the sly look and the nod of complicity between these two cuties.

Also? No words needed. This is brotherhood at its best.

Research shows there are many proven benefits for the girls who are fortunate enough to have brothers in their lives. (Sistes are good for you too! )

Gender segregation in middle childhood means that children with a sibling of the other sex have unique opportunities to learn about how to interact with the other sex, including with their siblings, as well as with their siblings’ peers,” says Susan M. McHale, director of the Social Science Research Institute at Duke.

It’s better to have a brother! (Or a sister!) 

Sure, they might drive you crazy. They borrow your clothes, your car, ruin something important or invade your space. But siblings are also GREAT for you.

More than percent of children live with a sibling, and relationships with our siblings may be the longest of our lives.

Siblings are important for many reasons.

They tell their siblings things that they might not tell their parents. The good and the bad. But those conversations are important and bring the siblings closer together.

They turn to their siblings as a source of support.

“The ability for young people to express their feelings to anyone – sibling, parent, or friend – can be highly therapeutic and can prevent a worsening of depressed mood or anxiety,” according to the University of New Mexico Health Sciences.

“Finally, siblings can serve as a sounding board for one another before trying things out in social settings. There evidence suggest that healthy sibling relationships promote empathy, prosocial behavior and academic achievement.”



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