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Stevie Nicks was always a huge Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers fan from her first time hearing them to 40+ years after recording hits like “Stop Dragging My Heart Around”, and actually at one point asking Tom if she could join the band and leave Fleetwood Mac.

Tom’s now famous answer was…”we don’t have girls in the band”.  He wasn’t kidding.

Tom’s untimely passing in October 2017 was a shock to all of his fans, at only 66, he was still one of the biggest rock and roll stars on the planet, with huge concert tours, and new music to record. That’s what is truly sad about his death, he was gone too soon, and his fans were left wanting more.

Especially Stevie Nicks

At the recent See.Hear.Now Festival Stevie paid tribute to her longtime friend Tom Petty during her headlining set, she coverer “Free Falling” and their duet  “Stop Dragging My Heart Around”. She wasn’t just a friend, she was a huge Tom Petty Fan.



Tom’s biggest hit

I recall watching the documentary Tom Petty, “Runnin’ Down A Dream” years ago and the background story of recording “Free Falling” where his longtime drummer Stan Lynch quit the band over his not liking the song and thinking recording it was a waste of time and not true to the band’s sound.

Well, time has told that “Free Falling” was by far the band’s the biggest hit single and one of the most watched videos on MTV back in 1989.

Stevie’s salute to her friend Tom is now a staple at her concerts even at the Xfinity Center this past Monday night when she performed their hit single “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” to the delighted crowd.