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A True Heart Cat

Well, it took me about a week to find words to express my love for our little guy Bobo. While this may seem sad, it’s actually inspiring.  After ten plus years, I figured out what a true heart cat, is.

How Can Something So Little, Make A HUGE Impact?

After a three month illness, we said goodbye to our kitty boy, Bobo, a week ago, last Saturday. If NOTHING ever good happens to me again, it’s just fine.  I can say that because having Bobo in my life makes me the luckiest, most blessed cat Dad ever. It was Bobo who turned me into a cat Dad. He won me over. I’m sure those of you with your pets, present, or past, can understand this. I was NOT a cat person. We never had pets growing up. I got to know Heidi’s fur babies. But it all changed when I met a little guy named Bocelli, Bobo, for short.

What is a True Heart Cat?

When I posted the news about Bobo on our social, sharing his story, one very sweet listener wrote: Jaybeau, Bobo was your heart cat. You’re very lucky, it only happens, once.  That maybe true.

One example: at night, while watching TV,  Bobo would climb on the couch, and cuddle in between Heidi and I. He would sit in her lap, but reach out to hold MY hand, while in her lap. 100% True. He would never let me feel like #2, (even though Heidi was always #1 to him.) He would always find a way to make MY connection with him, special. I could fill a book with examples of this, and share chapters of how he made us laugh, and yes, cry.

He Showed Nothing But Life, Even While Sick

In July, he was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer. We were told he had just weeks, and that he is in excruciating pain. But Bobo, showed NO sign of that. He wasn’t hiding, and he was eating and behaving normally. In his final month with us, we would take him on our deck each day. He LOVED it, spending hours in the breeze, taking in the Sun. It’s almost like, (I know this sounds crazy) that HE was going over and above to comfort US.

Our Goodbye

Labor Day Saturday, after almost two months of love and life, even while sick, we got a scare. Bobo was showing problems in the litterbox, so we rushed him to the vet. We left him with the vet for several hours. We got the dreaded phone call that complications had set in. Sadly, with my our heart in our hands, we could not bring him home. We had to say goodbye. Even as we arrived to the vet to say goodbye, Bobo FULL of life ran out to us in the lobby, as if to say, “let’s go home guys!” It was heartbreaking. Even in his final moments, he was ALIVE and giving.

He Rescued Us

So today, after one week, Heidi and I headed back out on the deck for the first time since his passing, to honor our little pal, with a beautiful breath of life, (see below pics.) For ten years, right up to his last hours he was FULL of life. How such a little guy, a little kitty, can make such a HUGE impact on one’s life, our life, is truly a miracle and a gift. Bobo, thank you for being our miracle. We rescued him ten years ago, thanks to our friends at Passion For Paws. But the truth is, our little heart cat, rescued us. Take a look at our little miracle, Bobo.