There must be something in the water because just a few weeks ago I made a post about a super-rare orange lobster that was saved from being cooked at a Florida Red Lobster location by a chef that knew that it was  extremely unusual. In fact, an orange lobster is a one in 30 million find.

A rare find indeed

Now,  we go to Maine, and find a once in a Blue Moon Blue Lobster, according to experts they are a one in a million or two finds.

If you’re wondering what the lobstermen who caught plan on doing with it, good news, they are donating to be studied and steamed, before being set free again in the cold waters of Maine’s scenic Casco Bay.

Check out this Blue Beauty!

Rare blue lobster caught by father and son in Maine

You never know what the waters will turn up, and in Luke Rand's case, it was a rare blue lobster. The 36-year-old from Portland, Maine, said he and his father captured the unique crustacean last Thursday in Casco Bay, an inlet in the Gulf of Maine.

Check out this hot ginger! 

Rare Orange Lobster Sent To Museum