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It’s not a deserted island – it’s a DESSERT-ED island!

Yes, Nantucket was extra sweet last week. A freezer filled with ice cream washed up on shore, during a heat wave, no less!

According to the Nantucket Current, Lauren Raimy and her family, who were visiting the island from Pennsylvania, noticed the freezer through some dense fog.

“We saw a big box emerge from the fog and then it quickly floated to shore and was on the beach within 15 mins, ” she told the website. “There wasn’t a ton of people on the beach but a crowd of 5ish people came over to look. We weren’t sure what it was at first we were hoping we weren’t going to find a dead body or something) but then we determined it was a fridge/freezer. Someone opened it up and it was full of the ice cream.”

No Choco Tacos, though.

Where can you get ice cream – other than on the shores of Nantucket? Here’s a list of the best in Massachusetts!

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