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Barry is at TD Garden tonight. And if you can’t make it, make some time to download these songs to your Couch25K app!

Sure, a lot of people exercise to inspirational, fast-paced music. You know, gets the heart pumping, yadda yadda yadda.

Not me! When I increase my heart rate, I like to do it the soaring sounds of the absolute LEGEND that is:

Barry Manilow.

Listen, there’s nothing like a key change and a crescendo to get your metabolism in high gear! And Barry is the king of those two things.

Here’s my Walking Playlist featuring Barry Manilow. You’re welcome:

5. A Reminder to Start Slow!

Don’t burn out too soon. Yes, this little ditty about hurting yourself but being OK was written by the master of jingles, Mr. Manilow. Did I mention he is a LIVING GOD?

4. Ready to Take a Chance Again

A perfect song, especially if you spent the past two years sitting on the couch with hand sanitizer and bags of chips. Plus, it’s the open for one of the BEST movies ever, “Foul Play”. This movie is the reason I have a VW convertible:

3. Trying to Get the Feeling Again

Remember how you used to feel about moving? Maybe you ran, maybe you walked, hiked, went to the gym? Well, this bad boy is the perfect soundtrack for anyone trying to get back into shape. You can do this! You can fall in love again with the treadmill!

2. Copacabana

OK, you’re feelin’ it now! Getting those steps in, walking a 20 minute mile (don’t strain yourself!). Now kick it up a notch with this pace-pumping sensation. I remember seeing this performed on Solid Gold and I was then and there SOLD on everything Barry.


1. You Deserve a Break Today!

And now for the cool down. You know what’s in your future after a grueling workout? A HAMBURGER AND FRIES!

Hey, I’m not the only one who is a Manilow!

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