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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 12: Tyler Henry attends the Fourth Annual Critics Choice Real TV Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza on June 12, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for the Critics Choice Real TV Awards)

While the world insists that we are ALL divided, I beg to differ. We have ALOT more in common than the news tells us. We witnessed it first hand last week as I watched as medium Tyler Henry stuns Worcester.

Tyler Henry Stuns Worcester

With names like John Edward, The Long Island Medium, and local celeb John Holland, the medium business is now bigger than Theresa Caputo‘s hair. The newest entry is 26 year old Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry. We watched as Worcester was stunned by Tyler Henry last week at the Hanover Theater.  In the audience we saw two thousand believers arrive with hopes of connecting with a deceased loved one.

Then it hit me: EVERY person here, including me and my wife have one MAJOR thing in common. We are all here for the same exact thing. No matter what our political, social, physical, financial or educational differences are, we all agree (at least here at The Hanover) that our deceased love ones still exist, but in a different form, or energy. Isn’t that amazing? We all agree on that.

Our Deceased Love Ones Are In A Better Place

Every medium I have met or seen, says the same thing. Our deceased loved ones are in a better place. Even better, they come through to tell us just that. Tyler Henry said that while he does have the gift of connecting and communicating to our deceased love ones, they basically tell him that to try to understand the other side, would be like explaining math to a squirrel.

Why The Bottle Caps?

Somehow, our deceased loved ones come through to Tyler and others. During a reading on stage, Tyler points to a section of eager fans and says, “why am I seeing bottle caps, many bottle caps? Does anyone relate to that in this section?” A teary eyed women runs to the audience microphone to announce that she just buried her husband.  “What’s the bottle caps” asked Tyler. She replies, “he loved beer and his request was to be laid to rest with bottle caps placed at his resting place.” The audience gasps.

Jaybeau, Your Dad Is Here

Many years ago, at a radio station event, we invited a local medium in to talk to the audience at a restaurant. I can’t remember this gentleman’s name, but I’ll never forget what he said. The man came to my seat and said, “your Dad is here.” My Dad, John, passed away in 2002. Dad was my hero and made a huge impact on my life. He was the most gentle, yet toughest man I had ever met. So imagine my surprise, delight and shock, just two years later when my DAD, came through.


The kind medium went on to share what Dad was communicating.  “He’s doin this….he’s doing like, a gentle tap on my shoulder, like a sense of approval.” That’s EXACTLY what my Dad used to do. When he was happy with me, I’d get an approving tap on the shoulder. The medium when on to say, “why is he saying the number three? Three generations, family? The number three keeps coming up. He also is saying father son, father son…” WOW. As I write this, I’m going right back to that moment. The mediums call these moments, validations. They validate that our deceased loved on is truly here and is with us.

What Doe Three Mean?

Ok what is “The three?” A few months before, my friend Todd won tickets to a Red Sox suite in a raffle for a game. He invited me and my son Matt. Also in the Fenway suite was Todd’s son Josh. In our suite, who walks in to visit? The great Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant, and HIS SON. Validation: three fathers and sons.  My Dad was there.

After the fact, I tried to shoot some holes in this reading. But this medium could NOT have known ANYTHING about my Red Sox visit. The only person I shared it with was Heidi. This was at the beginning of the social media run, but I didn’t post pictures. Matt didn’t either.

The experience at the Hanover was fun and easy to get in and out. Maybe I’ll see you the next time medium Tyler Henry Stuns Worcester!


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