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Paul McCartney At Fenway

Last Wednesday night, I was delighted to find two tickets for Paul McCartney at Fenway drop of out the sky from 1057 heaven, into my lap.

Recorded VS LIVE

Over the years I have been blessed to see and meet almost every 1057 WROR music star. BUT, I had never seen the former Beatle LIVE.

Of course I have seen video concert performances, either professional or fan based or off an Iphone.  But some how those viewings seemed flat. They, to me didn’t capture the fullness, of hearing the iconic, Band On The Run, Live and Let Die, Love Love Me Do and countless McCartney hits on the radio or in my ear buds. I was worried that seeing Paul LIVE based on those thin video recordings would end in disappointment. I couldn’t handle that. Which I why I never went to see Paul McCartney.


So when these tickets dropped out of the sky last minute last Wednesday, it was like a message, using Paul’s song as a metaphor: Do me a favor, open the door, Let Him In…..

At 2:15 Wednesday I called Heidi and said…are you in? OH MY GOD she said, and was in the car on her way.

We started our adventure taking on the FULL Boston experience, taking the T on a Celtics night, which built up our excitement. By the time Heidi navigated through Boston traffic and arrived, we missed the opening, but that’s ok. What I was about to experience maybe topped every concert I have ever seen combined.

First, we got to our seats to witness TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE on their feet. Each person, aged 18 to 75 had a GIANT SMILE on their face. Everyone was connected as one, knowing we were witnessing history.

Then, the feeling of AWE begin, looking at the center field stage. There was Paul McCartney himself on TWO MASSIVE video screens. He was THREE TIMES THE SIZE of the Green Monster. Big Papi could not get one over this.

As he connected with us between songs, you could immediately feel Paul’s charm and charisma. He looked at you right into the camera. You felt like he was talking to YOU one on one. Sweet and always funny, his soft spoken British charm was addicting. It was like a living room chat, with 50,000 guests. It was surreal.

The first song we heard was Love Me Do. As I write this, I’m getting chills. It sounded as good as the record. I was witnessing a Beatle, sing a Beatles song, for the first time. 

After Love Me Do, he shared another story, and then played Band On The Run. EVERYONE RUSHED TO THIER FEET AND SANG EVERY WORD!

Live And Let Die

One of the (many) highlights, was when he played Live and Let Die. Fenway, an outdoor venue was perfect for that song, because it came with July 4th level fireworks and pyrotechnics that delightfully stunned the audience. “LIVE AND LET DIE…BOOOM……BOOOM….LIVE AND LET DIE…..BOOOM BOOOM.” I’ll never hear that song on ROR the same way again.

What He Means To Us

But that’s what Paul McCartney does, as a Beatle, as the creator of Wings and as a performer at Fenway. He changed our lives and made it better with his wonderful music and entertainment over the years. Performing an almost three hour show in our backyard, at 79, we are blessed to still have him with us.

In closing this story from my heart, I share this analogy: seeing pictures of the Red Rock mountains in Sedona Arizona is not the same experience as actually being there. The pictures cannot hold the depth or feel of it’s awesome beauty. The same goes for Paul McCartney. He made you feel like he was there for, you. He connected to thousands, but somehow, one at a time.

On June 18, Paul turns 80.

Imagine my delight, hearing his Beatles hit, Birthday, on the eve of MY birthday, sharing this experience with my best friend, my wife Heidi. 

It was the best concert I have ever seen. Thank you Paul.

Here’s the set list!

1. Can’t Buy Me Love

2. Junior’s Farm

3. Letting Go

4. Got to Get You into My Life

5. Come on to Me

6. Let Me Roll It (with Jimi Hendrix, Foxy Lady tribute)

7. Getting Better

8. Let ‘Em In

9. My Valentine

10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five

11. Maybe I’m Amazed

12. I’ve Just Seen a Face

13. In Spite of All the Danger

14. Love Me Do

15. Dance Tonight

16. Blackbird

17. Here Today

18. New

19. Lady Madonna

20. Fuh You

21. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

22. Something

23. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

24. You Never Give Me Your Money

25. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

26. Get Back

27. Band on the Run

28. Let It Be

29. Live and Let Die

30. Hey Jude


1. I’ve Got a Feeling (virtual duet with John Lennon)

2. Birthday

3. Helter Skelter

4. Golden Slumbers

5. Carry That Weight

6. The End