Dirty Laundry

Courteney Cox appearing in the Bruce Springsteen video for “Dancing in the Dark” is one of the greatest “before they were stars” moments ever, even though her dancing is awkward at best. However, to quote Chandler Bing about her dance moves, she knows.

Cox touched on being cast in the “Dancing in the Dark” video in a new interview saying, “I thought I was in the wrong place. I was like, ‘I don’t know what they’re doing but I can’t even bend my leg. This is it.’ I went into on [director] Brian De Palma’s office. He put on the music and said, ‘Well, you dance.’ And I thought, ‘Right now? Here? In front of you? Just the two of us?’ I think that’s why I got it because I was like, ‘Okay!’ I think that’s what they wanted, a fan that just couldn’t believe it.”

All these years later, Cox still digs the Springsteen tune saying, “I love that song. I get a little embarrassed because I do feel like when I watch the video, when I see it. I mean, God. Did you see my dance? It was pathetic. I’m not a bad dancer, but that was horrible. I was so nervous.”

Frankly, wouldn’t most of us be nervous if we were in her shoes in that moment? And, not to reference Friends again, but fans already know Cox has killer dance moves.


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