Friendly’s is switching things up. A new location is opening up in Massachusetts next month, but with a much different look, WBZ reports.

‘Friendly’s Cafe’ is set to open in Westfield in early February. However, the new café will not have the traditional dine-in experience. Instead of sitting down and waiting for a server to take their order, customers will either order directly at the counter or through a QR code at their table. Once they order, their food and ice cream will be delivered to their table when it’s ready.

“The new fast-casual service model provides guests the flexibility to order and pay at their own pace,” a spokesperson for Friendly’s said in a statement to WBZ.

The new location seats 45 people and is 2,700 square feet. There will be four parking spots reserved outside for curbside pickup, as customers can also place online orders. See photos of the new location below.