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Captain’s Log – November 2021

I’ve just been asked if I’d like to set sail aboard the Disney Magic sometime in December.
At a time when the color in New England has drained and even the sun’s shine doesn’t warm much but a west facing windowpane, I don’t have to think long about my answer.
Bon voyage.
When do I leave? Where exactly am I going? I’ll find out soon enough.
For now, I prepare to pack for another trip out to sea with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and the rest of the exceptional crew for another magical experience.
I’m so excited I could burst!

Captain’s Log – December 11, 2021

It’s Day 1 and I’ve already had my first chocolate and vanilla swirled cone.

My last Disney cruise (late 2019) was ‘serve yourself’. Now, considering that current worldwide virus, Disney has made the necessary adjustments for your safety.

Patience is the word of the day as you’re preparing to embark.

Everyone who boards must show proof of vaccination and will be tested before being allowed on the ship. There are lines but they do move quickly.

Once you’re on board, masks are worn indoors as a precaution, but outdoors (and of course in your cabin) it’s your call.

I had dinner tonight at Animator’s Palate. The menu, service and atmosphere, exquisite. I’m going again tomorrow. Perhaps this time I’ll remember to take out my phone, aka: camera, between bites and give you a look!

I was able to grab a couple pictures of three Disney princesses: Snow White, Cinderella and Belle. They were stunning and I have to admit to gasping like a six-year-old when I saw them descending the stairs.

Captain’s Log – December 12, 2021

First, I’m astounded today is December 12th. Christmas is less than two weeks away and I’m gazing out at the Caribbean as the Disney Magic heads towards Cozumel, Mexico. My anticipation is palpable.

I started the day with a brisk walk on Deck 4. That’s the designated deck for walking, running, (skipping!). I caught the sunrise and *shocker* remembered to take pictures!

I met some new radio friends from one of our sister stations in Tampa, Fla and we enjoyed a lovely brunch at a restaurant called Palo. A real red rose on the table. Nice touch. The food and service…. impeccable. I ordered celery soup with spiced sausage and focaccia croutons… to. die. for. Main course for me, eggs Florentine with a lovely mornay sauce and 5 layered pistachio cake for dessert. Yes, there are pictures.

Dinner tonight? One of the most fun experiences of my life. Hook, line and sinker.

Animator’s Palate (again).

No surprise, the food was top notch. But dining on a Disney cruise isn’t simply ‘dinner out’; it’s an event. When entering the restaurant tonight, I noticed it looked like it was in black and white and asked one of the staff if they’d changed the wallpaper since the night before. Nope. The lighting was just adjusted. There was a paper placemat at your seat, and you were directed to draw whatever character your imagination could come up with, sign your name, give it to your server and wait for a surprise.

At some point, after you received your divinely prepared main course, the lighting changed and the screens on the walls came alive with animation. The picture you drew was integrated with Disney characters. It was one of the most joyful things I’ve ever experienced. Whoever came up with that idea…genius.

Captain’s Log – December 13, 2021

Land ho!

There it is. Mexico. My homeland.

Some of my dad’s side of the family still lives there. Of course I won’t get to that part of the country, but Cozumel is a start.

I had interviews late morning, so I hopped off the ship and headed for land for a couple hours prior to, to walk around. SO many little shops. Lots of fun and funny things to see. I took pictures.

Other people on the cruise hit the beaches and visited Mayan sites. Next time. I had work to do.

Later, back on ship, in honor of Cozumel being an old pirate port, it was “pirate night” at Rapunzel’s Royal Table, where we had dinner. Lots of revelry to be had. Got some of it on video. More details on that tomorrow. For now, I must go listen to the sounds of this vast ocean.

Captain’s Log – December 14, 2021

We put Mexico behind us last night and spent today at sea.

A “Captain’s Parade” strolled by while we radio folks were conducting interviews this morning; Captain Mickey Mouse, Captain Hook, oh, and of course the CAPTAIN OF THE DISNEY MAGIC! I insisted on a picture with him!

Oh yea, and about that fun filled dinner/show at Rapunzel’s Royal Table last night? It was Rapunzel’s birthday celebration! Many lanterns were lit and staff gracefully weaved them around the tables. Lighting, ambience and dinner, spectacular.

Did I mention the amazing experience I had before dinner? My first, full body Swedish massage at Disney Magic’s “Senses” Spa. Wowl I definitely need to do that more often!

A Disney cruise isn’t just for the youngest among us. There’s more than enough relaxation and entertainment options for people of all ages.

There’s a basketball court, foosball and ping pong on the Wide World of Sports Deck, a morning yoga class, adult only dining options, karaoke and of course Disney movies and Broadway quality Disney stage shows. There’s so much to do….or not do, on a Disney cruise, all completely up to you. One of my favorites, sitting by the pool in the grownups only “Quiet Cove” area with a book.

Captain’s Log – December 15, 2021

We’ve arrived at Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay (pronounced “key”, I’ve learned). There’s a tall, tropical Christmas tree as you step off the ship. I can already smell the barbeque I’ll be having for lunch. The whole island is decorated for the Christmas holiday, Bahamian style.

I hit the beach around 1 and by 1:05, was dunking myself deep in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, immediately followed by reclining on a beach chair in the warm December sun.

I must be in heaven, man.

And omg, there’s Mickey and Minnie with their own spot on the beach! Chairs, cooler, radio, umbrella and the two of them in their beach attire! Photo op!

Back on board, it’s late afternoon and I’m reflecting on these past few days.

What an incredibly fun and relaxing adventure. I can’t recommend a Disney cruise highly enough.

The cast and crew are top notch and every meal is a five-star experience. Let’s face it, it’s Disney so everything is the absolute highest quality.

Tonight, we’ll head back to Miami, back to December with a capital “D”.

A heartfelt thank you to the Disney Magic team for their hospitality and generosity and, what is it Mickey always says?

See ya real soon!

For you? Even sooner!

Special Thanks

A HUGE thank you to the following for their time and expertise!

Mouguett Lozada
Tony Giordano
Anthony Youngblut
Darren McBurney
Biranchi “Panda” Panda
Jessica Jackson
Jonathan Frontado
Andres Ayala
Pilar Arroyos Ojeda
Katie Dantuono
Melissa Erickson
And of course all the Disney Magic staff behind the scenes who work so hard to make a Disney cruise a one of a kind experience!