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British singer Freddie Mercury (1946 - 1991) of rock band Queen in concert at Leeds Football Club, UK, 29th May 1982. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

“I see a little silhouetto of a cat” and it looks just like Freddie Mercury!

Uncanny! (or should I say “uncatty”!)

White cat with a black mustache looks just like Freddie Mercury

Mostaccioli, a white cat from California, is spitting image of Freddie Mercury One-year-old feline dons a black mustache that is just like the Queen singer's Owner Natalie rescued Mostaccioli in 2020 and decided to keep the kitten A female cat with an adorable 'mustache' is capturing hearts on Instagram - with people comparing her to the late Queen star Freddie Mercury.