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BAGHDAD, IRAQ - APRIL 10: A vendor sells cotton candy on April 10, 2015 in Baghdad, Iraq. Despite the continued risk of terror attacks and an escalating military offensive with ISIS extremists not far from the capitol, Baghdadis have taken to the streets following the February lifting of the 12-year-old evening curfew. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

She’s a pretty one! And very rare!

Trapped in Casco Bay, Maine, she was. Ayuh.

(I wonder if she tastes like cotton candy?) 😉 (SO kidding…I don’t eat lobster.)


Rare 'cotton candy' Lobster found in Maine

Local A rare blue and pink pigmented lobster - referred to as a "cotton candy lobster" for its resemblance to the fluffy food's color - was found on Friday in Casco Bay, Maine by a lobsterman for Get Maine Lobster.