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Former Mötley Crüe vocalist John Corabi wants to put to rest any speculation that he’ll be part of the Crüe’s 2022 stadium tour with Def Leppard.

Corabi, in fact, detests the idea. His remarks come following rumors of the Crüe secretly rehearsing with Corabi after Vince Neil’s fairly embarrassing recent solo performances.

Corabi jumped on Facebook to discuss the rumors, stating they are completely false but also wishing the group well on their upcoming run.

Ok Gang,
I’ve recieved a TON of messages from a lot of you who have unfortunately fallen for this “CROCK OF S—!!!!” Here’s the real deal…
I can categorically state here once and for all that the chances of my “return” to Motley are 0%….
1) There is No Way, Nikki ordered an ultimatum to Vince, and used me as leverage!
2) There were absolutely ZERO secret rehearsals…
And 3) After my incredibly STUPID portrayal in “The Dirt Movie,” and the ludicrous s—ty statements of one of the band members in regards to my contributions and lack of “writing talents,” yours truly is NOT even remotely interested in doing that again…Don’t buy into the “CLICK BAIT B——-!!!!!” I wish TOMMY, NIKKI, MICK, and VINCE the best on their tour, and their future endeavors!!!!

In other news, Corabi is gearing up to release his autobiography, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, in spring 2022. The book, co-penned by Motley Crue historian Paul Miles, will arrive on Rare Bird Books.

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