I know, today is National Dog Day, but I came across this video and found it helpful.

My cat, Batman, is ordinarily an indoor cat. Recently, I had a few days off and since he’s always pestering me to go outside and has even snuck out on the rare occasion for a moment, I thought “why not just take him outside with me while I’m out in the yard?”.

Bad idea.

As I’m finishing up my online yoga class, I hear an angry altercation coming from the barn. I jump up to see Batman and what I think was the local groundhog having a very unfriendly exchange.

I grabbed him as he’s hissing and growling and tossed him back in the house, vowing to never let him out again; both for his sake and the sake of the groundhog.

And now that I’ve viewed this video, I see that I didn’t carry him back to the house properly.

Here is the proper way to hold and carry a cat: