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So, how did Sting get bamboozled into buying a vineyard in Tuscany?

Family of Italian duke accused of tricking Sting fires back

This message in a bottle from Sting has left a terrible taste in some Italians' mouths. Sting claims he and wife Trudie Styler got stung when they were allegedly tricked into buying a vineyard in Tuscany in 1997 after the owner - the epically titled Duke Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati di San Clemente - gave them a glass of its wine to try.

And let me ask Miss Manners: is it cool to go ENGAGEMENT RING SHOPPING with your son when the woman you are currently getting engaged to was once your fiance’ BEFORE you married the mother of that son? WHAT KIND OF SENTENCE IS THIS – HOLLYWOOD IS EXHAUSTING:

Jennifer Lopez's beau Ben Affleck shops for engagement rings in LA

Ben Affleck was spotted browsing engagement rings in LA on Friday The actor, 49, who rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez mid-year, took notes while joined by his family at a Tiffany & Co store Ben gave Jennifer, 52, a stunning 6.1-carat pink diamond ring from Harry Winston when he