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Do you really want the answers?

Knowledge indeed is power. But SOME questions, we may not want answers to.

Take this website that arms you with the TEN questions you want to ask BEFORE you get married.

Question #5 (This is a real question)

Are you open to counseling if we need it?

I will agree that some of these questions are good, standard questions we should ask as you’ll see. But, is it ever a great time to admit failure before you even start the journey?

I would save the counseling question until you have a few healthy successful married years under the belt before you enter THAT world.  To me, while it’s healthy to be open and available emotionally, starting in with that question too soon, could scare off a potential great partner, suggesting that your partnership isn’t strong enough to handle problems as a team. Where as if you wait, you most likely would have, as a married couple, have already solved a few major problems together, building confidence. Hence, bringing up counseling may land less as a threat or fear and more as a caring compassionate thought.

Question #6

Are we allowed to record these answers? (I just added that.)

10 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married

When you've been with your partner long enough that marriage is on the table, you might think you know everything there is to know about them. Chances are, though, you might not. You may know their favorite music and political views, but do you know how they feel about dividing domestic chores?