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I really don’t like bucket lists…..

I don’t think I like the idea of putting deadlines on my actual, FINAL deadline, if you know what I mean.

BUT, I may suspend that rule for a visit to Iowa to see the actual Field Of Dreams. Yes, it’s a thing. In (oddly) Dyersville Iowa. It’s the actual location where they filmed the awesome Kevin Costner movie. If you’re a fan of Costner, you may enjoy his series Yellowstone, on the Paramount Network. But get ready, his John Dutton rancher character in Yellowstone is NOT the big hearted Ray Kinsella we rooted for in Field Of Dreams!

Recently the MLB has built a NEW Field Of Dreams, major league size, right near the old one. You’ll see a White Sox Yankees game there tonight. The new field is Kevin Costner approved.

It’s true, if you build it, they will come

Kevin Costner returns to 'Field of Dreams' location ahead of MLB game between Yankees, White Sox

If you build it, he will come. Kevin Costner, who was rumored to make an appearance at the upcoming New York Yankees game against the Chicago White Sox on the site of his 1989 film " Field of Dreams," showed up to the expensive pop-up field calling it "perfect" in an emotional video.