Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon, MA has become the home to a record-breaking newborn giraffe, “Dolly.”

Dolly was born approximately two weeks ago with the aid of the Southwick’s Zoo staff.

Dolly emerged at 6 feet tall and 150 pounds, setting the new record as the largest newborn female giraffe in the history of the zoo.

Dolly was first introduced to the public on Southwick’s Zoo 2021 Earth Awareness Day this previous Saturday, August 3rd. But, according to Dr. Peter Brewer, one of the zoo’s veterinarians, the staff are unsure about when or if Dolly will be allowed to roam in the exhibit with the other giraffes.

According to Southwick’s sources, Dolly is currently being bottle-fed because her mother could not produce her own milk. Dr. Peter Brewer has also stated that they expect to withhold Dolly from her mother for about another month.

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