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If you’re a fan of LOST, The Town, Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood, then you know New Haven native Titus Welliver, the star of Bosch. 

In Bosch, Welliver plays a flawed but an extremely competent detective named Harry Bosch.

Based on the Michael Connelly best selling book, Bosch, like 24’s Jack Bauer is a take-matters-in-your-own-hands law enforcer, that get’s away with it because he’s that good. I compare Bosch to 24 because of it’s edge of the seat writing and production. It’s more movie-like, than TV. Add to that, the character writing and performance is very sticky creating a connection to the cast very fast. You forget that the actors, are actors.

Bosch just wrapped the seven seven finale leaving fans wondering if the detective will return in another role, maybe a private detective. Fans in the know, know.

If you need great TV I highly recommend, Bosch!