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Well you gotta hand it to them…..

Subway is bringin it, doubling down on defending the ingredients in their tuna sub.

You may remember a report that accused the sub chain, saying that the tuna in their tuna sub was not real tuna. In fact, a New York Times report alleged that an independent study found “no tuna DNA, in the sub.” Subway immediately launched a torpedo (not roll) sized response challenging the claims calling them, false.

Now, Subway, continuing a strong defense, has come out with a website sharing stats on the tuna sub, saying it’s proof that the tuna is real.

In full disclosure, I have had the Subway tuna sub and enjoy it.

For those that think Subway tuna is sunk, there are two words for you: sorry Charlie.  

Subway Launched An Entire Website To Prove Their Tuna Is Real Once And For All

If you've been keeping up with Subway news, especially surrounding a recent investigation of their tuna products, it may not be much of a shocker to you that the company has made a website all about their tuna claiming it's absolutely real.