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Babe, can I go to space next weekend? Uh….

Ashton Kutcher says he sold his ticket to space

Remember when Ashton Kutcher bought a seat on a flight to space? Well, he sold his golden ticket. During AT&T's 5G event in New York City on Wednesday, Mashable sat down with the actor and tech investor. We asked him if he was booked on a flight to space and could bring anyone but his wife, who would he choose?

Britney is closer to freedom!

Britney Spears' freedom is at hand in amazing turn of events

It's a victory for Britney. In a move that augurs well for her freedom, a judge ruled Wednesday that Spears can appoint her own lawyer. Imagine that. Just three weeks ago, such an outcome might have seemed unthinkable to Spears, who testified in open court that her life under conservatorship is absolute hell.