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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 26: Michael Jackson impersonator Jason Jackson poses in memory of "The King of Pop" during a memorial service commemorating the first anniversary of his death at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on June 26, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. Fans across the globe marked the passing of Jackson in a simultaneous 'World Cry' tribute hosted in various cities including New York, London and Paris. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Do you remember where YOU were when you heard that Michael Jackson died?

It was the announcement that shook the world. While we all knew he had extreme challenges, I believe most thought he was too young to die.

I was running a classic hits station. It was an afternoon, much like this on June 25, 2009. I was about to head home after a long day when the news broke. I was stunned. I immediately called my then girlfriend Heidi to say, “ah…I will be very late. Michael Jackson is DEAD.” Her silence confirmed her shock as well.

I immediately ran into the studio. The DJ on duty was already playing Michael Jackson back to back. We continued that into the night.

Over the next few days that followed, while the world didn’t forget the accusations thrown at MJ over the years, for a brief moment in time, people focused on just his music, and how it made us feel.

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