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HANOVER, GERMANY - JUNE 12: The Facebook logo is displayed at the 2018 CeBIT technology trade fair on June 12, 2018 in Hanover, Germany. The 2018 CeBIT is running from June 11-15.

Push over Apple..

Facebook is promising a smart watch by next summer. This new device promises TWO detachable cameras, one for picture and one for video. It also brags about connecting with Google, and all of the Facebook apps including Instagram and What’s App.

What’s intriguing tech people is the ocular intergration with a future Facebook project creating reality glasses. Website MacRumors says:

Future iterations of the Facebook smart watch will serve as a key input device for augmented reality glasses that Facebook also has in the works. Facebook is aiming to launch its new smart watch next summer, and it could be priced at around $400. 

But, with the privacy baggage Facebook faces, some are calling this an ankle bracelet for the wrist.

Stay tuned.