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Forgive me….

But I had to lead with that headline.

The wife of Fleetwood Mac icon Lindsay Buckingham is goin’ her own way after 21 years.

The famous story is that Fleetwood Mac’s smash ROR hit Go Your Own Way is about the breakup of Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks.

Buckingham may NOT have gotten over Nicks, because his current wife, Kristen Messner, looks JUST like Nicks as you can see below.

Wait, will there be a song about this?

Fleetwood Mac Rocker Lindsey Buckingham's Wife Ending Marriage

Lindsey Buckingham 's wife of more than 2 decades is -- as he famously sang -- going her own way ... she's filed docs to split up with the iconic guitarist. Kristen Messner -- who's been married to the Fleetwood Mac guitarist/singer for 21 years -- filed legal docs recently in L.A.