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Friends - We have been patiently waiting for the' Freinds' reunion, and it's supposedly coming in 2021. If everything stays on schedule, filming begins in March.

Read ahead if you DARE!There’s a NEW singer in the coffee shop, ready to take on Phoebe singing Smelly Cat. 

Joining the list of celebrities on The Friends Reunion, Lady Gaga sinks her paws into Phoebe’s only hit, perhaps signing it with Lisa Kudrow herself.

I still pre-PURR Chrissy Hynde’s version. I’m starting to get a groove writing like a tabloid want-a-be. Maybe I should become a You-Tuber.

Hey, lot’s of cats there too.

The One Where Lady Gaga Sings 'Smelly Cat' on 'Friends: The Reunion'

" Smelly Cat" is undoubtedly one of the most iconic musical moments of modern classic sitcom " Friends " and now, thanks to the HBO Max reunion special, the ditty has been updated for a whole new generation of fans.