BATH, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 01: The morning light illuminates autumn leaves that have already fallen from trees on November 1, 2011 in Bath, England. According to a number of nature watchers the autumn colours are currently reaching their peak following an unusually warm September and October which has led to trees holding onto their leaves longer than normal. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

By the trillions. But not here… thank goodness!

And their emergence is actually good news. It means all is still working in nature, climate change be damned.

(Oh, and did you know some people eat them?)

-Julie Devereaux

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Trillions of cicadas are about to emerge

COLUMBIA, Md. (AP) - Sifting through a shovel load of dirt in a suburban backyard, Michael Raupp and Paula Shrewsbury find their quarry: a cicada nymph. And then another. And another. And four more. In maybe a third of a square foot of dirt, the University of Maryland entomologists find at least seven cicadas - a rate just shy of a million per acre.