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LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 11: (FILE PHOTO) Actor Ben Affleck (L) and his fiance actress/singer Jennifer Lopez attend the Los Angeles Lakers v. San Antonio Spurs playoff game at the Staples Center May 11, 2003 in Los Angeles, California. Lopez and Affleck postponed their wedding, which was scheduled for this weekend, and has now reportedly spit up, possibly temporarily. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

Back in 2004, we were SHOCKED when Ben Affleck called off his engagement to Jennifer Lopez. For the past 17 years, they went on to other things: Ben married Jennifer Garner and had three kids. J-Lo married Marc Anthony and had two kids. Both divorced, dated and are now single.

BUT ARE THEY? Bennifer was spotted this weekend, sparking rumors that they are an item again. This is the STORY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Reportedly Spending Time Together, in 2021

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been seeing each other in Los Angeles in recent days, per a report from "Page Six." The exes both had recent splits: Lopez broke off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, while Affleck broke up with Ana de Armas.

Billie Eilish bares a lot for British Vogue. She’s an adult now. Get over it:

"It's All About What Makes You Feel Good": Billie Eilish On New Music, Power Dynamics, And Her Internet-Breaking Transformation

Voice of a generation. Avatar of internet mega-fame. Icon of body positivity. A lot rests on Billie Eilish's 19-year-old shoulders. The pop superstar speaks up about her latest transformation, new music and living life on her own terms. The fans knew it was a wig. The parting was off.

RIP Olympia:

Dolly Parton and Sally Field Remember Steel Magnolias Costar Olympia Dukakis After Her Death

Olympia Dukakis gave one of her most beloved performances as Clairee Belcher in the 1989 classic Steel Magnolias, alongside Sally Field and Dolly Parton Olympia Dukakis gave one of the most beloved performances of her storied life as spunky Clairee Belcher in the 1989 classic Steel Magnolias.