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Get off the pedestal! One of the highest rated movies ever is being taken down a notch.  Rotten Tomatoes bumped “Citizen Kane” to second place because of a negative review found from 80 years ago.

The 1941 film now has a score of 99-percent, paving the way for….wait for it….

“Paddington Two.”

That family movie hit the big screen in 2017 and has 244 positive reviews. Honestly, it’s SO good. I mean, Citizen Kane good? If you ask anyone under 20, the answer is a YES:

Adam Sandler doesn’t pull the “Do You Know Who I Am?” at IHOP


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And Tom Cruise is a hero:

Cruise saved star's life by tackling her before being hit by chopper blade

TOM Cruise turned real life superhero by saving his co-star's life when he tackled her to the ground moments before she was about to walk into a "deadly" spinning helicopter blade. In a scene more in keeping with his fighter pilot film Top Gun, the Hollywood actor allowed Elisabeth Shue to cheat death on the set of comedy-drama movie Cocktail by rushing to her rescue.