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John Cena and John Oliver both turn 44 today (April 23.) Both Cena and Oliver have had fun in the past about the fact they’re literally the same age, but they look drastically different, and that fun continued today.

Cena took to Twitter and shared a black and white video of himself working out. The video was captioned, “The world knows @LastWeekTonight John Oliver & myself share a birthday & a disciplined passion for fitness. Another year passes & I continuously struggle to keep up. Both now 44 we’ve agreed to motivate each other by posting our progress. His will be posted on my IG #JohnVJohn

When you go to Cena’s Instagram, however, you’re greeted by a hastily altered photo of a man in excellent shape with Oliver’s head on the body.

Oliver would respond on Twitter with a video of him “working out” (wink, wink) along with the caption, “Happy birthday, buddy. Together, we redefine what 44 can look like. #disciplinedpassionforfitness #noblinking #birthdaybeasts #alldayeveryday #fitfam #inspire #fast10 #JohnVJohn”

Oliver said in a previous interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, “I think of John Cena on every birthday now, specifically, ‘I am just not one step closer to death, I am 20 steps closer to death than he is.”

Sure, that’s a dark way to look at sharing your birthday with a WWE legend, but it’s nice to see these complete opposites have a little birthday fun.


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