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A geologist named Mike Bowers from California recently found a volcanic rock in Soledade, Brazil.  And when he opened it up, he immediately noticed that the pattern inside looked EXACTLY like Cookie Monster.

The quartz crystals are a deep blue color, and the rock has a hole just where the mouth would be . . . and two white circles on top with holes that look just like eyes.  I mean, this thing is a perfect match for Cookie Monster.

The geologist says he’s gotten offers of at least $10,000 for the rock so far.

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Posted by Mike Bowers on Saturday, January 16, 2021

What a muppet! Geologist finds rock which looks like Cookie Monster

The agate rock was found in the Soledade region in Brazil in November 2020 The oval-shaped rock has a hard, white pitted outer shell about the size of an egg Inside the two halves, there is a mirror image of Cookie Monster the Muppet This is the amazing lump of volcanic rock discovered in Brazil which looks like Sesame Street's Cookie Monster.

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