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It started on You Tube TV. It became so popular, Netflix picked it up and it instantly exploded to #1 on the Netflix Countdown. 

Cobra Kai picks up in the modern day life of once bully, now loser Johnny Lawrence, who famously lost to Daniel LaRusso in the karate championship in the classic 80’s movie, The Karate Kid.

Maybe the best part of this new adventure is that the original actors came back to convincingly reprise their roles, including William Zabka as Lawrence and YES, Ralph Macchio as our hero, Daniel SEN LaRusso. Zabka is effective as the down and out, divorced husband who can’t keep a job and drinks too much.

The only thing he still has: his 80’s car and his pristine karate skills. LaRusso’s karate champ WIN as a kid, was the launch pad of confidence to help him grow into a very successful Hollywood car dealer, complete with the perfect family and fame.

BUT, as we watch the show is Daniel the villain or hero? YOU be the judge! Watch in their own words.