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Bruce Springsteen gave the convocation speech to incoming Boston College freshmen earlier this week via Zoom call, and to the surprise of no one, The Boss offered up some sage advice.

Per the Boston Globe, Springsteen, whose son graduated from BC, told the students, “What you’re about to embark upon will be the greatest adventure of your young life. You can waste it, you can half-ass your way through it, or you can absorb every minute of what you’re experiencing and come out the other end, an individual of expanded vision, of intellectual vigor, of spiritual character and grace, fully prepared to meet the world on its own terms.”

He added, “To be young in this beautiful and accommodating city and to be engaged in the life of this school, is a great, great privilege.”

On top of speaking to the new students, the first-year students were also given a copy of Springsteen’s 2016 memoir Born to Run as part of their summer reading. Springsteen joked with the students, “If you completed your assignment and read my book, you will know I got into rock and roll for the sex, the drugs, and the sex.”

Jokes aside, here’s hoping the students appreciated Springsteen’s speech. Not all of us are fortunate to have that kind of experience with the cost of admission.

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