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The Rolling Stones are releasing their latest reissue, Goats Head Soup 2020, this Friday (September 4), and undoubtedly, the highlight of the reissue is its three previously unreleased tracks. Two of the three tracks have been previewed to very positive reviews, but Mick Jagger wasn’t convinced the songs were any good right away.

Jagger said in an interview with U.K.’s The Sunday Times“[Universal Music Group] said, ‘We’ve found these three tracks.’ I said, ‘They’re all terrible.’ That’s always my initial reaction, ‘They’re all useless!’ I mean, actually, I always liked the songs, but they weren’t finished…Sonically they still sound like they were recorded then, even if they weren’t perfect…You can make them sound a little better than they did. But I think these three songs are all up there with the rest of the songs on this record”

The two new songs previewed from the Goats Head Soup reissue are “Criss Cross” and “Scarlet” featuring Jimmy Page, which only proves that songs that were considered by the Stones as throwaways are really potential singles for a mere band of mortals. (Seriously, both of these songs are great, and if you haven’t heard them yet, click the links above to check them out. You can thank me later.)

Goats Head Soup 2020 is available for pre-order at

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