One of the most anticipated games of the year Cyberpunk 2077 gave us another look at Night City. The second “Night City Wire” stream the CD Projekt Red team share a load of information about how the gameplay and the story elements in Cyberpunk. We see some really cool information on “life path” choices, weapons, and the music in the game.

Live How You Want

In one of the more interesting aspects of Cyberpunk, you get to choose what part of Night City you start in. Creating a personality profile that follows yours through the game. In a trailer, we saw different neighborhoods and characters that flesh out the world.

As a Street Kid, you traffic in the underbelly of Night City. You begin in Haywood, one of the more working-class areas of the city. You get to know the gangs, police, and personalities that frequent the alleyways. Starting as a Street Kid gives you advantages when talking to gang members or frequenting clubs. Those who want to play as a “seen it all, done it all” character might be attracted to this origin.

Nomads are the country folks of Night City. People who live just outside the city walls and value their freedoms and the open sun. Racing and raiding are daily parts of life out in the Badlands. You’ll eventually leave the dusty hills and have to enter Night City proper, but with a totally unattached and wide-eyed view of Night City.

The Corpo origin is interesting as not many games begin with you as pencil-pushing, middle management. You start as an employee for the Arasaka Corporation. A Corpo is a more intuitive person, that thrives when reading people and talking to the power-elite of Night City.

Silverhand Samurai Sounds

Music is something that can make or break the vibe of a game. And Cyberpunk’s team seems acutely aware of this fact. In the “Becoming Samurai” portion of the stream, we catch up Swedish punk band, Refused, on how they are contributing to the game. Refused is tasked with lending their writing and vocals to the in-universe band, Samurai. The lead singer of Samurai is Johnny Silverhand, played by the imperious Keanu Reeves.

They chronicle the recording process for the original music for the game. And also just how tedious it can be to get Swedish rockers to sound like vaguely American ones. However, Cyberpunk should have some amazing music that speaks deeply to the setting and the tone of the game. And with musical contributions coming from the likes of Run The Jewels, GRIMES, and A$AP Rocky, Cyberpunk’s soundtrack should be one of the most eclectic in gaming history.

There’s already music from Samurai available on music streaming platforms like Spotify. With more coming as the release date approaches.

Futuristic Boomsticks

In the final portion of this Night City Wire, we got a look at some of the weaponry you’ll wield in Night City. They focused on the different guns that you’ll use broken down into three categories. Power Weapons are more like traditional guns, but their bullets can bounce around corners and tight areas. Smart Weapons use electromagnets to pulse rounds through cover, basically rail guns. And Smart Weapons uses special technology to track enemies as they move through cover, literally bending bullets “Wanted”-style to take goons out.


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