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Everyone who regularly uses Netflix knows the “Ta Dum” sound that plays before every stream. But according to one staff member, the noise was almost very different.

Per Billboard, the noise was almost a goat’s bleat. In a recent interview, Netflix VP of product Todd Yellin reveals that that goats and underwater bubbles were on the short list of sound options created by sound designer, Lon Bender. Yellin says, “I liked the sound of the goat. It was funny, quirky and our version of [MGM’s] Leo the Lion.”

Ultimately, the brand went with the “Ta Dum,” which is Bender rapping his wedding ring on a nightstand. They also blend in a noise called “The Blossom,” which is a guitar playing backward.

Billboard lastly add that before deciding on a noise, Netflix polled a variety of consumers, and the “Ta Dum” drew positive responses.  “A majority (not knowing the survey was for Netflix) said it reminded them of a ‘movie.’ That sealed the deal.”

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