Dirty Laundry

Demi Moore is trying to educate men all over the world with her new scripted podcast. Per People, Dirty Diana will dabble
in the world of female erotica in the hopes that fans be more exploratory and open regarding their sex life.

They also add that when it comes to men, Moore wants to educate them on what women actually want. “The actress said her goal is for male listeners to feel more comfortable by having more awareness of what pleases a woman, what they’re interested in.”

Moore explains in detail, saying, “Because it’s equally difficult for men to know how to engage if they’re in the dark. I’ve always said men figure it out for themselves, and they know how they work, but what helps them to know how a woman works? I mean, we don’t know. We need a little help learning how to finesse that as well.”

Demi also touched on how the project has helped her come face to face about her own hangups surrounding sexuality. “I think one of the great opportunities doing what we do is being able to use things to help push you beyond where you are resting. In this case, I realize there’s a part for me that my sexuality has felt like it’s dangerous, and that I should just keep it under wraps, that I should keep it shut down, and it’s better to just not negotiate or take it off the table.”

The Demi Moore podcast Dirty Diana will be a six-episode series that airs every Monday.