With COVID-19 on the rise in many US states and South America, live video game events are still on hold. Nintendo mastered the art of the streamed game reveal. So this time around the latest Nintendo Direct only had a few games revealed. This is why the whole thing’s been re-branded to the Nintendo Direct Mini, emphasizing the bite-sized information given in the stream. This was also branded as a “partner showcase” emphasizing the third-party developers Nintendo is working with.

So What Was It All About

The first of the announcements was for Cadence of Hyrule, the rhythm-based adventure game set in the Legend of Zelda world. The new DLC for Cadence comes in three parts. The first DLC is a character pack that includes dark, shadow versions of Zelda and Link. The second pack adds 39 songs to the game to groove out to. The last of DLC brings a new story and the Skull Kid to the game. The first of the DLC is available now and the rest is coming out by October.

Next up was a look at the third-person ability-based shooter, Rouge Company. The new game is in beta now and is due to release on all major platforms. Rouge Company looks to blend together the crazy character-based abilities of Overwatch and the in your face quick gunplay of Gears of War in a hodgepodge of bullets. Hi-Rez Studios, the same company behind SMITE, is looking to carve out another multiplayer experience for their fans.

The WWE got involved as well with a new look at WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The super-deformed style game leans way more into more arcade-style wrestling games of old. WWK 2K 20 was universally panned by gamers for being a buggy mess and worse than the 2k19 version. Hopefully, the company can regain some goodwill with wrestling fans. But this game looks to be a more casual, family-friendly version of the WWE.

A JRPG Classic Returns

The most bizarre of the announcements in the Direct Mini came from Atlus. They revealed that the occult RPG classic, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne was getting an HD remaster for the Switch. The game is known for its totally wild visuals and disturbing concepts that fans of the series continue to laud. Atlus also used the direct to reveal that Shin Megami Tensei V is coming in 2021. Switch owners will have yet another great RPG to sink hours into.

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