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Bob Dylan named his favorite songs by the Rolling Stones and the Eagles in a new interview with The New York Times.

In the lengthy interview, which covered a number of topics including his new album Rough and Rowdy Ways, Dylan was asked which Rolling Stones songs he wish he wrote, since he referenced the band in one of his new song “I Contain Multitudes.”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe ‘Angie,’ ‘Ventilator Blues’ and what else, let me see. Oh yeah, ‘Wild Horses,'” said Dylan.

In the same vein as the Stones question, Dylan was asked what were his favorite songs by the Eagles, since he mentioned Don Henley and Glenn Frey in the song “Murder Most Foul.”

Dylan replied, “‘New Kid in Town,’ ‘Life in the Fast Lane,’ ‘Pretty Maids All in a Row.’ That could be one of the best songs ever.”

Dylan’s new album Rough And Rowdy Ways comes out June 19 and is currently available for pre-order here.

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